Greenfield Communications, Inc. (Greenfield) was formed in 2001 to provide turn-key Fiber to the Home (FTTH) solutions for developers of new master planned residential communities. Our telecommunication services include digital telephone, video, high-speed data, and security services. With state of the art technology, we have been able to offer fiber optic communication services to all of our FTTH projects. Although we are primarily offering services to west coast customers, we are working on expanding our services all through-out the country.

We differentiate our self from others in the market space through knowledge and expertise in outside plant design, construction and operations, and through understanding of customer service requirements. We recognize that customers would like to have cutting edge communication services while being cost conscious.

Greenfield is currently the largest privately held turn-key FTTH communications provider in the country, based on the number of FTTH communities being deployed. Our future includes steadily increasing our market share and remaining the leader in the deployment of FTTH communities.


The difference in the Greenfield design from other service providers is in developing custom master plans for the community. Each community serviced by Greenfield gets a unique design that best fits the needs of the homeowners using the fiber optic infrastructure. This includes customizing for different types of services such as digital telephone, high speed data, security services, and video. All systems are designed to be completely passive (requiring no electric power in any of the outside plant) with no above ground pedestals which produces an aesthetically pleasing and very reliable communications system. The community has an exclusive fiber optic infrastructure that can provide a capacity of over 1 Gbps to each home.


During the construction process, we have project managers dedicated to ensuring a flawless design implementation. The conduit, fiber, and converter installations are all managed and implemented by Greenfield to ensure the most in quality assurance.

Communications Services

Greenfield operates, monitors and maintains the network including 24/7 monitoring, call center and dedicated field technician support services. Greenfield also provides in-home tech support and customer tutorials, with on-site field representatives dedicated to building relationships with both builders and our customers to ensure the highest quality of customer services. All available services for each community are listed on our website and are also available from the community Home Owner's Association.